CNN the Wonderlist of Bill Weir – Season 3, episode 1: Amsterdam

The Netherlands is known for our tolerant views and our open-mindedness.. But are we still?
How do we remain our openness in the age of rising nationalism, Islamophobia and the refugee crisis in Europe?
We asked politicians like Geert Wilders, Aboutaleb, Van der Laan, but also Amsterdam coffeeshops holders, artists, former prostitutes, historians, future thinkers, citizens and refugees about the the current state of the Netherlands, today.
…And I’m extremely proud of the result, this 40 minute documentary about the Netherlands.

Bill Weir‘s storytelling gave me new insides on my own country. And working with his crew (Cassius Michael KimJulian QuinonesPhilip Bloom) was definitely one of my highlights of 2016.